Who are Zinzino?

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By Pete Richardson Revolution Health Correspondent 

The team at Revolution Health is intrinsically linked to a Scandinavian company you have probably never heard of – but over the next few years plans to have literally millions of customers around the world.

Zinzino only really launched in the UK in the early part of 2020 following steady growth in Scandinavia and mainland Europe. But that growth is speeding up as the company recruits more and more partners across the globe and opens up in new markets.

But back to basics. Who are Zinzino?

Zinzino AB (publ.) is a global direct sales company that markets and sells test-based nutrition, skincare and life-style products. Zinzino owns the research unit BioActive Foods AS and production unit Faun Pharma AS. Zinzino is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, with additional offices in Helsinki, Riga, Oslo, Florida and Adelaide.

Zinzino is a public company and its shares are listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

Under the tag line: “Inspire Change in Life”, since 2005 the company has offered high quality, innovative and scientifically tested products to their customers.

From humble beginnings they claim to have grown to be one of the fastest growing direct selling companies in Europe. It is a claim well made.

The company has continued our expansion and are now in 34 markets. “Kaizen” – Continuous Improvement - is their core focus as their vision is to Inspire Change in Life for their customers, family, and friends.

And it’s a simple philosophy backed up by science with the aim of providing best-in-class, cutting edge and tailor-made products within the new science of pharmaconutrition, which uses active nutrients from food to fight the imbalance in our modern lifestyle.

The lead concept is another simple fundamental - Balance.

This focusses on the ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 essential fatty acids. Both are essential and vital to several functions in our bodies. The problem is the imbalance between these fatty acids created by changes in our diet in our modern world.

Too much dietary Omega-6 in your body creates imbalance. A low intake of the essential Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA creates imbalance.

Discovering if your Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio is balanced with Zinzino’s Balance Test is their key unique selling point – a science-based test you can do at home and have independently verified checked and results sent out to you. From there if you are out of balance you can enjoy the balance products to help adjust your omega 6:3 ratio to optimal levels.

In addition to launching in the UK in 2020, Zinzino is expanding into South Africa, Hong Kong and other markets to supplement the strong growth and success across Europe.