Why You’re Not as Healthy as You Think You May Be

Don’t panic.

There’s no need to rush to the doctor to ask this deeply rooted question.

But it is a question we should all be thinking about: “Am I as healthy as I think I am?”

And when we are feeling fit and healthy it’s easy to take that health for granted. It is often only when we are ill or injured that we begin to think seriously about our health.

But what if our skin was see through?

What if everyday we could look inside and see the potential damage we are doing to ourselves through what we are consuming?

Our modern world is so convenient – fast-food, long-life products, cook quick meals – but what is all that doing to our bodies?

Diets have changed dramatically over the past 60 years or so. Our grandparents didn’t have microwaves. Supermarkets stacked with convenience foods are a very modern phenomenon. And cooking meals form scratch using fresh ingredients is becoming harder and harder – despite the best efforts of the cohorts of TV chefs.

This is having a dramatic effect on the key nutrients we need to maintain a healthy body. And it starts at a cellular level with our essential fatty acids.

Experts at Zinzino are attempting to redress the balance and once answer is to use supplements and scientific testing to see what our cellular health looks like and then take affirmative action.

They say: “Get our individual fatty acid profile in writing, with a breakdown of the level of essential fatty acids in our blood. An uncompromising status check that often has even the most health-conscious person staring at the results in disbelief as the corresponding ratio between Omega-6’s and -3’s reveals the true story of what they eat and how they live. This is a time when it’s good to bear in mind that ignorance is not bliss. Once you get your fatty acid levels in writing and know what areas to target, getting your body back in balance is going to be a lot easier.”

If this inspires you to know more then check out the Zinzino BalanceTest, and the blood spot test that gives you an individual fatty acid profile and a heads-up to taking a step towards your new life.