Why You’re Not as Healthy as You Think You May Be

Don’t panic.

There’s no need to rush to the doctor to ask this deeply rooted question.

But it is a question we should all be thinking about: “Am I as healthy as I think I am?”

And when we are feeling fit and healthy it’s easy to take that health for granted. It is often only when we are ill or injured that we begin to think seriously about our health.

But what if our skin was see through?

What if everyday we could look inside and see the potential damage we are doing to ourselves through wh…

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The Omega Balance Explained

What are omega fats and why are they so important for health? This article is going to explain everything you need to know to about the different omega fats, their importance for health and why you should prioritise your own omega balance.

What are the different types of fats?

It is important to understand the different types of fats to understand why omega fats are so vital. All fats are made of a chain of carbon atoms, like a string of beads. When there are double bonds between carbon atoms,…

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Let Food Be Your Pharmaco-Nutrition

We were lucky enough to be able to chat recently to Dr Paul Clayton. The webinar was led by Dr. Charlotte Norton

Dr Clayton is a pioneer in leading the study of the pharmacological effects of food, looking at how they affect our bodies and how they affect performance. So it was a great pleasure to have an hour of his time talking to Charlotte about this exciting and interesting topic.


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Who are Zinzino?

RH_Blog Header_V2

By Pete Richardson Revolution Health Correspondent 

The team at Revolution Health is intrinsically linked to a Scandinavian company you have probably never heard of – but over the next few years plans to have literally millions of customers around the world.

Zinzino only really launched in the UK in the early part of 2020 following steady growth in Scandinavia and mainland Europe. But that growth is speeding up as the company recruits more and more partners across the globe and opens up in new…

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An Olympic Gold Medallist and 10-time World Champion Athlete Reveals her Love for Zinzino


Reproduced from the July Zinzino Customer Newsletter

She’s Norway’s poster child for cross-country and marathon mountain biking.

Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå has climbed the mountain when it comes to a professional athlete’s dream: an Olympic Games gold medal.

Gunn-Rita’s professional profile is so long and inspires us to take it up a gear. She’s been riding since she was six years of age – a love which transitioned into mountain biking at 22. For Gunn-Rita, her career goes beyond her love for the …

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Autumnal skin care


By Pete Richardson Revolution Health Correspondent

Autumn is a beautiful time of change. Leaves and skies are changing colour while the weather and the light also darken – at least in the northern hemisphere.

It’s a time when we also look to increase the amount of products we use to help keep our skin fresh, vibrant, smooth and supple – to help prevent creaking and cracking.

The Revolution Health team works with Zinzino to help promote their Skin Serum – a 24-hour youth formula for the face a…

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What do you need to know about Omega-6 fatty acids?

By Pete Richardson Revolution Health Correspondent

There is more and more being written and understood about the negative effects of Omega-6 fatty acids. But what are they and how do the work in our bodies? And where do they come from?

A recent article in is one of the latest to focus on Omega-6 fatty acids which are a type of fat that is present in certain foods and supplements.

The article highlights that Omega-6 fatty acids occur naturally in certain plant foods, such …

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Why Omega-3 v Omega-6 Balance is Vital

By Pete Richardson, Revolution Health correspondent

Until very recently I had never heard of the importance of my Omega- versus Omega 6 balance – and I bet not many of you have either.

But a recent conversation with an eminent doctor (The wonderfully erudite Dr Martin Kinsella) has fundamentally changed the way I look at my health - and it’s all about my fatty acids and Omega-3 and 6 ratio.

So as the global Covid-19 crisis claims hundreds of thousand of lives and ruins countless millions thro…

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