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Today it is more important than ever to take care of your health. So if you’re ready to get your body and your health back into balance you’re in the right place!

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1Today, it is more important than ever to take care of your health. Hello, I’m Dr Martin Kinsella and, with my wife Dr. Hanna Kinsella, we’re the founders of Revolution Health.

As a doctor I love it when I find ethical products that I know will genuinely make a difference to the lives and the health of my patients. And we’re here to talk to you about a different test.

This scientific test will tell you how balanced the health of your body is by benchmarking how it is working on a cellular level. It works by looking at the Omega-6:Omega 3 ratio in your blood and finds out if you're in The Danger Zone.

Test result picThis simple, special spot blood test provides you with an overview of eleven of the most important fatty acids in your blood, focusing in especially on the critical Omega-3 v Omega-6 balance. You probably already know that Omega-3 is good for you and its found mainly in oily fish. You might also believe that Omega-6 is the bad fatty acid, as you’ve probably picked up on the fact that modern diets contain an unhealthy amounts of this fatty acid.

In fact, both Omega-3 and 6 are extremely important for our bodies, but the food we eat tends to give us a distorted ratio of these fatty acids - way too much Omega 6. Ideally your Omega-6:3 ratio should be 3:1. I thought that I led a healthy life style and eat a balanced diet, but mine was 9:1 and Hanna’s was 10:1!

AdobeStock_241290719Today, you can purchase not only this simple blood spot test which will give you this exclusive insight into your body, but also a consultation with one of our highly trained medical team to explain the results to you and outline the next steps. To take the test, simply click the button on the page, pop in your details, pay the discounted test and consultation fee, and the Balance Test will be shipped to you within just 5 working days.

So don’t delay. Order today, and put your body to a real health test, and find out if you are in The Danger Zone?

What's Included?

Step 1

Take the test. Register your code on the test web page. Send your test off to the specialist laboratory.

Step 2

Get your results. Ten -15 days later your results will be ready. Login to the test web page and download the results.

Step 3

Book and attend your private results consultation. Discuss the results with one of our clinicians, who will take you through your results and make recommendations about which products would be best for you. Sign up to a plan.

Step 4

120 days later we will send you another test. Repeat the process to see how much your balance has improved and share the good news with your friends and family.

Worth £282, but you can buy today for just £125, saving £157!

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How to take the test

Interpreting the results


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Balance Protocol

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“The hip pain that I have had for years has gone.
I’m a vegan so as an experiment I didn’t change my diet because I wanted to see how effective the oil was on its own.
My original balance test result was 24.4 to 1 in July 2020 and four months later when I retested it was 4 to 1.”

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“I’ve had compressed disks in my neck that went arthritic and after three months on the oil about 85-90% of the pain has gone. I haven’t done anything different except take the oil. My first test result shocked me because it came in at 24 to 1. I am South African and eat a lot of meat but try to have a healthy and balance diet. Now I’m taking the balance oil everyday and am waiting to take my second test to see what the results are.
Also, my 85-year-old mum who had a reverse shoulder replacement operation eight-years-ago was able to stop taking the painkillers she’s been on after just six weeks on the oil. It’s amazing what the oil has done for both of us.”

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“I don’t know if it’s connected but for about three years I’ve suffered from back pain. And for about the last 18 months it got so bad I’ve had to go to a chiropractor periodically once every couple of weeks at £40 per visit.
But since I started taking the oil every day in July 2020 I’ve not had to go to the chiropractor once and the pain is way, way better. I haven’t changed any other behaviour, so I can only think it’s the oil. I’ve saved £80 per month on my chiropractor bill and my oil is now FREE because I have got four people as customers to also take the oil.
My first test result came in at 16.1 to 1. I took the oil every other day at first because I’m not used to taking supplements of any kind – I never have. Then I started taking it everyday after about six weeks. My second test was done after 120 days and I’m delighted I’m now down to 5.2 to 1. I’m not totally in balance because I wasn’t too good at taking the oil every day at first – but now I absolutely am because I can see it’s working brilliantly. I’ll do another test in another 90 days or so and hope I’m down to 3 to 1.”

Revolution Health

“After having a heart attack in Dec 2017 and 3 emergency stents fitted, I was sent home with 7 different medications. I asked my surgeon if there was anything alternative I could take that would do the same job. I was told no, you will be on them for the rest of your life.
I started researching and it kept coming back to Omega 3. I dismissed this as I have taken a high quality Omega 3 supplement for over 30 years. I struggled being on the drugs, increased weight and hated the side effects they gave me.
I started taking the BalanceOil in May 2019 and tested at 14.4:1 which I thought was pretty bad. After 87 days I tested again to confirm it was working, my ratios had dropped to 4.4:1 I then tested again at 123 days and my ratios had dropped again to 3.6:1
When I reached the 87 days I consulted with Dr Clayton to reduce my medication gradually until finally stopping when I got to the 123 days. BP is normal, feel so much better and healthier. I lost the 23 lbs I had gained in the previous 2 years and have no further problems with my heart. My osteoarthritis in my right knee was pain free after 5 weeks on the oil. Since this is the only addition I have made to my regime I can only assume that this is a positive side effect of the BalanceOil and health protocol. ”